Diet and Fitness


Went for upper body weight session today and sacked off long run till tomorrow.

Chins - 8 sets of 3 reps, 1 min 25 secs rest
But supersetted with -
DB bench press - 3 sets of 12 (add weight next session) and 3 sets of lighter barbell presses to 20 reps
DB shoulder press 2 sets of 9 reps, with one heavier set of barbell push press to 8 reps
Barbell curls - 2 sets of 8 reps

Definitely feel my form and strength on chins is getting better with the volume, reps will follow. If only I could find a place to store a pair of dipping bars.




I’m hypocritically excusing these as accessory work for chin ups :wink:


I hear ya bro


Ive been throwing in some barbell curls at the very end of each session. 3 sets of 21s. While im still building up weight, it at least means I’m feeling worn out. Not sure how much longer I’ll continue with them.


Out the door shortly after 6am this morning to get 60 miles in before kiddie birthday party duty :+1:



Sooo much to relate to in that piece :grinning:


3x13 push ups and 10 chin ups with 50 secs rest between each rep- spent the time in a deep squat


Nice work :+1:


Originally titled BBC piece ‘Is it possible to be both fat and fit?’

Spoiler alert

Don’t be so fucking naive :laughing:


I haven’t managed a jog for a while so to remedy I popped out for one tonight.
I did not quite manage to average under 10 minute miles and was not at all shattered at the end. My heart rate was 143 for most of the run so that’s improving as I get fitter. Pleased also with a current RHR of 47


Nice run :+1:


Squats, deadlifts and a short run last night.

It’s a long slow march back up to the kind of loads I used to shift on both those movements but with the running as well I’m taking it very slowly.


Bit faster on run into work this morning, 8:11 min/mile. Felt better too. Surprised because I did a decent length ride after work on Tuesday, ran in to work Wed morning, then did a 20 mile ride after work last night so I was considering skipping the run depending on how I felt when i started.

I want to be fresh for the club century ride next weekend, so I think I’ll just do one run next week, or a couple of shorter ones- not sure what’s best? Maybe just a 20 mile ride after work on Tuesday, like a sort of taper.


Probably couple of short ones at a slower pace, so 2-3 miles but at 10 min miles.


Yeah, probably the best idea. I think I’m finding it slightly easier to adjust my pace.


New around here, this thread is of interest as I have signed up for a ‘wolf run’ in 3 weeks time - 10km with silly/muddy obstacles along the way. Been doing HIIT training pretty much daily for the last four months, but went for my first run in a while last night.

Managed a very slow 6k, so any tips on building up running stamina very quickly appreciated!

Looking forward to getting it out of the way to be honest, managed to get my weight down and in best shape since my twenties (mainly due to giving up my two food loves of biscuits and bread), so intending to try and build some proper muscle for once in the latter part of the year…

Now, where’s the office biscuit tin…


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s your track record in running - when you were at school what was your best distance? Also if you don’t mind me asking - roughly how old are you?

I’m afraid that typically you don’t tend to build up stamina quickly. And the best way is to go is gradually and in small increments. The rule I was told was don’t try to go more than 10% more than your last run, but if you can fit in 3 runs a week that builds up quickly. I would recommend 2 shorter runs and a long run, so if you are currently at 6k then I’d do 2x 3-4k runs at very moderate pace, and then try a long run of about 7k. Adding 10% then to each run for the 2 weeks after should get you close enough.

The real trick and one that I learned the hard way is to run much slower than you think when you’re training. One it avoids injury but more importantly it allows you to recover faster and to fit in more sessions. I’ve watched the local running group and it’s full of people trying to run faster and faster at each session, however if you watch the smart ones they run dead slow and steady, but come race day it’s these ones that fly.

Also if you’re not already doing it then I’d recommend dynamic stretching before your run, a proper warm up, and then after your run that’s the time for classic static stretches. Day after work on your flexibility and if you have one then foam rolling your quads, glutes, hams and calves.

Let us know how you get on - good luck!.


Just the kind of advice I need.

I was quick at school, but definately matured into a slow and steady fella at age 42.

Will try the approach on run lengths over next few days and let you know how I get on. Don’t stretch enough, hence aching legs today…

Prepare for a very sorry pic of me face down in the mud at the finish line.