Diet and Fitness


I had two full days rest before todays std 8K jog. Shaved 1min 30S off my best time and made it in well under 50 mins.

Tomorrow I have a 18 mile walk planned then Saturday a 5K park run


Fuckingcuntingbastard virus. Still not 100% despite taking it easy all week. No way it wouldn’t be completely dumb to do the big ride i had planned for Sunday :rage:


If it’s any solace Neil, I’ve got similar and had planned a ride tomorrow - I’m going to bale and not worry about it :sunglasses:


Comiz to you. Tomorrow I am looking forward to doing my first formal run, a 5K park run. I am trying not to think about getting a good time (for me) but more understanding the logistics of running in an organised event with others as part of my learning.
I think I will be starting and maybe finishing at the back.


Got medial knee pain in both knees since last run. Probably a case of too much, too soon. Running uphill after not running for years…

So, two weeks rest, then back to running on flat before building up to hills.


At least cycling doesn’t hurt.


Running isn’t exercise it’s just torture, fuck that for a laugh.


I don’t enjoy it so much at the time, but I feel better for it and I am sleeping like a log.


Well I just don’t like long distance running and think you can get the same benefits in other ways. Some love it though and I respect that.


I’m just trying to mix things up a bit. Cycling, walking, swimming and running 2-3 miles, 2 or 3 times a week. I don’t have the desire or inclination to run much further!




I’m just back from my first park run (timed UK wide weekly 5K runs) I have just got my official time sent by email. I managed 29mins 08 seconds.
I came 77 out of 117 and I was last but one in my age group. It was a great experience though - I can see me doing these quite regularly as it was great fun. Anyone who is doing a bit of running who fancies a bit of a change just google park run and register -it’s all free - there is bound to be one close to you. Unless that is if you live on a little Island.


So after Sunday’s epic run I’ve not had the energy or motivation to do much, but did force myself through a workout last night with the usual chins - bench press - shoulder press. Managed to just about hold reps and weights at the same level as the last workout but it was bloody tough.

Will be going out tonight for a short ‘recovery run’ (might be on crutches through !) :grimacing:


Swim this morning for the first time in about 6 weeks.

Also weigh in - 12st 4.5lbs at 12.5% bf.


I found this quite interesting

"Biologically, we all have a set point weight range (typically between 10-20 pounds) that our bodies will fight to maintain. "


Bloody hell that article is utter bobbins!

I thoroughly agree with the bit about ‘You deserve freedom from food obsession and body hate’, (but that’s quite relevant to the angle that this article is written from - which I’ll come to).

But the notion of a set point that people fail to break away from is just the wrong conclusion from the same information. Yes most dieters fail and put weight back on but that’s not a biological set point, its just fallacy of dieting - the body and CNS being unable to sustain whatever changes the person made to lose weight over the long term.

I’ve continually banged on telling people not to ‘diet’ but to change and adapt their lifestyle to something that they’re happy with for the rest of their lives - so pick stuff you can see you can eat from now on, and an activity level which you can genuinely keep up and isn’t part of some kind of New Year’s health/ image resolution.

And yes your body will fight to maintain weight if you suddenly change what its been used to and try to drive calories and macro nutrients down too sharply - so don’t do it that way!

As the author is an eating disorder therapist, some of the sentiment about not wasting your time on dieting and body image I have a lot of time for, but the lack of real factual evidence behind some of the key assertions is very disappointing.


I didn’t read it as saying that people shouldn’t try to lose weight if overweight because of a set point, but that there is a limit to how much people can lose before the effort required to maintain that weight/body composition becomes potentially unhealthy (mentally). I also didn’t read that they were drawing a conclusion that there was a body weight set point, but referencing it as a theory that the author obviously subscribes to


And my argument is that it depends on how the person goes about losing weight and over what time frame.

The first article cited almost no evidence, the second one rambles about ambitiously without really concluding or producing much actual evidence.

Both are rendered fairly moot by the fact that if you diet badly it doesn’t work/ last. Unless they can extract for that then their assertions are meaningless.


Struggled on the club ride yesterday. Dunno if it’s because I’m not recovered enough from my bug, and need to rest more, or whether I’ve lost fitness and need to exercise more…


Another sub 59 min 8K run for me today. I have now improved my time on this route by four mins in a month.
Weigh in 12st 6lb - 27% bf. RHR is tracking down and mostly 45 or 46 this month. My running HR is a steady 132 ish average. I completed the Eastbourne 5K park run on Saturday - 28 mins and 1s. At the moment I just love running,
but learning from Nam I am ensuring that I get two full rest days a week. It’s now less than two weeks until my first formal 10K XCountry run which I am quite excited about. If it was flat completing it in under an hour is just possible for me - but It’s very hilly and may also be muddy so I will try just to manage it by running all the way.

This week I will have another go at a flat 10k and see if I can complete it in under an hour.


I was feeling full of beans this morning and tomorrow is a planned rest day so I decided to push myself a little.
I managed to complete a 9.7 mile run at a 11:03 pace. There were no ill after effects at all. This afternoon I am hopefully playing my first game of Squash since Feb - Hopefully my recovering arm is up to it.