She is utterly knackered :slight_smile:


After his brief fad with speakers, he has now moved onto turntables


Zero providing valuable input into my accounts.


Great work out if you can manage that with a spaniel!

Taught them to bring the golf balls back? :slight_smile:


She is used to foraging in the undergrowth… but not that deep. :slight_smile:



You been feeding Patch the Uncle Ben’s again?




Out with the boy this afternoon, he’s like a whippet on steroids. Everything catches his eye but his training is coming along nicely and he’s a pleasure to walk - some days better than others. Hard to remember we’ve only had him three months and in that time, he’s gone from this -

To this -

Barnaby is going to be a big lad, a good job he’s a softy.


Buddy, Wells Next The Sea.
If you’re over that way, The Victoria, Holkham is so dog friendly its embarrassing to be in there without one.
Huge thanks to the staff who helped clear up in the Conservatory when this mans best friend chucked up during lunch.


Any seals about?



Those fat grey blobs that smell of fish, or the 90’s singer of Crazy?


Last time I went to Wells, a couple of seals were on the beach. No sign of Trevor Horn


The former lead singer of Marillion can be spotted there at high tide.


Gorgeous day today. Did a 4-miler this afternoon.


Sounds good and looks great. How is that ankle treating you nowadays?


Pretty good, thanks. I can still feel it a couple of hours after excercise, but it’s still improving. There’s still a bit of swelling around the achillies. Amazing how long recovery takes, really.


Barnaby’s first time at the beach, took him off to Crosby beach just to see how he’d react to sand and water. I suppose a picture paints a thousand words.


Beware the hippocamp!