Two and eleven months and he has a grey chin.


Pixie and Ziggy chilling out with a bit of Spiritualized


My JRs do exactly the same if I put Pure Phase or Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space on :slightly_smiling_face:


We’ve had Pure Phase, this was taken during side 1 of Let It Come Down.:sunglasses:


Just when you thought tonite’s walkies, with sun rays behind clouds and larks singing their tiny heads off, couldn’t get more perfect, 2 hares chase each other across the field, box, then run off again.
Fair makes you glad to be alive it does.

Even Buddy exploring every water/mud filled tractor rut couldn’t wipe the smile off.


Patch not sure whether to hump or fight the plastic horse


Rosie the other evening.




Looks like he has a bit of buggerment in him. Bugger the consequences I’m going to do it !


I’m tired of apologising for the boys over exuberance. Lovely dog, very friendly, greets everyone as if they’re old friends. To the lady bending over, ’ I’m sorry my dog shoved his nose up your skirt and didn’t stop until it could go no further '. I didn’t know ladies knew such profanity. ’ Sorry once again '.

ps he’s not been trained to do that, honest



I have to brush my lab twice a day at the moment as he is molting like a b’stard.


Same here, both girls are shedding hair. They’ve also been ‘helping’ Lou to paint the fences and gates. They’re now not just liver and white, but liver and white…and black :angry:



Part Two

After being bollocked by Mrs. S for not keeping the boy under control, she returned from a short walk with the lad somewhat subdued.
The little shit had introduced himself to a Police Officer by tupping him in the balls and chewing on his crotch, all done in the best possible taste. Fortunately the PC was a dog lover, realised Barnaby’s age and laughed, but not as much as his female companion. Thank fcuk the PC was understanding, the boys gonna get himself locked up at this rate or muzzled at the very least, all because his friendliness is a tad exuberant .


Just call him Stronzetto - the public will understand then


Just get him on Channel 5’s next series of “Dogs That Like Genitals”, and make £500 out of him.


Time for a Mrs Millicent update.
Helping build a terrace (advisory capacity)


Basil, remember Basil, is a twat

and has taken to digging holes. This week we have lost 3 dahlia’s and a nice shrub.

He’s just had a sound bollocking, been hosed down and is now in the kitchen not giving a fuck.