I can certainly see the OES there


He’s gonna be quick on the roundup once trained. :grinning:


Rosie out sloe picking today in Swanwick.


Ah, another convert to the delights of sloe gin :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:



Maddie is 3 today

This evenings walk

Hildur looking at her big sister



He looks very clean…you didn’t Edd !!! :flushed:


Ten minutes after this photo was taken, he pissed in it.


Saves using the extra rinse cycle


Cheaper than fairy dishwasher tablets for the same result.


Impatient wanting to try her new coat. It was supposed to help her rest and support, its just made her faster …

IMG_3788 by mark leatherland, on Flickr

Anyone swimming 25 minute miles, I can’t keep up !


Cornwall, Holywell Bay week before last. We broke both of them here.


Bad dog!

A more stupid than usual wood pigeon was ambling around until Ruby was right up to it, before it decided it might be a good idea to fly the fuck away…

Ruby just caught it like a tennis ball, and she’s a bad dog because after maiming it, she didn’t kill it, so I had to…


Eat it, they’re lovely :smiley:


I do like the Marty Feldman eyes in the second pic, let me introduce Ruby to Barnaby the flat coat. Together they could rule the ’ couldn’t give a fuck world’.


I sometimes shoot them, and I do eat them, but this one was a bit mangled by the time Ruby had finished with it…




Three wise dogs. See no evil, smell no evil, lick no evil…


Depends on whether they are wood (good) or feral (bad).