Hmmm, both in and out I expect.


Best left to sleep


Let lying dogs sleep?


New member of the edd9000 household, Maxwell:


Cute fella!


What a face. Looks like a Collie?


He’s a mutt, some Old English Sheepdog in there apparently.


All collies are mutts. We call them farm mongrels or cur dogs. That’s what makes them great. I’ve got two of the buggers.


Narelle and her Strayan friend have just melted :heart_eyes:


Oh right, always think of Bearded or Border Collies, didn’t realise it was a generic thing too, probably pretty close.


How old is he - looks like he might get quite big!


Sorry might have confused, mine are border / working collies.


Lovely woofs. We were thinking about a pedigree Old English Sheepdog, but he came up local and the wife couldn’t resist.


8 weeks, yeah we met his mum, apparently a greyhound/sheepdog cross, she was about standard poodle size. Dad was supposedly an Old English, so probably in the 30-40kg range. Who knows.


You will, soon enough :grinning:


Its like when people buy micro pigs.


Is that some kind of David Cameron sex toy?


Well, you buy something small and end up with a BIG surprise 9 months later…


Ha ha, this was Basil at 8 weeks. Maxwell is going to be a bigun.