Egyptian floor mosaic 200-100 B.C.


Early HMV poster?


Dog’s just knicked all the leftover roast pork from dinner. Little cunt.


Mi-mi utterly non plussed by ‘Aladdin Sane’


A Diamond Dog :slight_smile:


She’s settled now I’ve put Aretha on :thumbsup:


I feel the same when I put Aretha on :+1:


Don’t we all?


Ours managed a similarly cuntish feat when it decided to go chase deer on our daily walk. An hour of chasing it through unmaintained woods after heavy rainfall and minor flooding and I was not in a good mood.


Zero’s turn. He heard Joy Division go on and dragged himself up next to me.



I’ve met a dog of this exact mien.
To be proud, not disgusted.

‘Sapper’ was a beautiful (failed gundog training) golden retriever.
Cowered to invisibility during thunderstorms.

Owner would say, before entering a pub, “Watch, he’ll pick the most attractive female in the room.”


Better aim than running after dead things.


Right, where’s the next muddy ditch for me to run through?



Is it just the Smiths he likes Stu or will he listen to anything?


It’s the first time he has ever taken any interest in the hi fi.

It started when i had soft cell on an hour ago.

No doubt he will now be loafing on the sofa during the day,with squeezebox remote in hand.


Lol! reminds me of when Ruby had the cone of shame on last year:


He has now moved on to Les Rythmes Digitales;


What a difference a week makes!

Basil on the Fell in the Lake District.

And after loosing his bollocks today.

He looks remarkably relaxed about it!


Houston! We have a good boy!

What a Buzz!