Me too, she’s never done that before. I certainly had one very teary wifey on the phone…Donna said she didn’t know whether to hug her or beat her half to death :wink:


I refuse to comment :grimacing:


Once a dog does that running off thing, it stays for years. She will probably come back each time. My old EBT used to run off, usually to somebody with food or when she was in season. I had to pay £40 three times from the local RSPCA home where some kind people took her.

The important thing is to feed her and make a fuss when she returns, that way she’ll associate coming home with food.


When we had our Border Terrier, he was quite good at that. He always did it to my wife, out somewhere walking, often a new place. Must have been at least ten times, over 5-6 years. Longest time missing, was 6 hours. Very worrying indeed.


My mates lurcher does that all the time, the moment she gets bored she legs it back home on her own.

The most untrainable and stubborn dog I’ve ever met, will not come when called and will not sit or stay when told.


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better than that russian shite you have changed to.


Roman is the best owner in the Premier League.:tired_face::tongue:


The dogs farted, I’m off out. I’d rather face the wind of Storm Doris than the wind of puppy Barnaby, he stinks, doesn’t laugh, crack a joke or acknowledge it’s him, no sense of humour.


SBD- silent but doggy


Rosie is EVIL if we give her Co-op deefa food…never again!


Charcoal dog biscuits are your friend :mask:


Now there’s a plan!


You’re doing it wrong. Dog farts, put dog out.




Purebread v. inbread.


Patch selling on ebay


Does he want to list some stuff for me, eBay have randomly restricted my seller account on a permanent basis and refuse to say why :anguished:


He takes a bigger cut than ebay does. He’s a cunt like that.


beat him :innocent: