Feckin' Weather


Does anyone know what a squally shower is?


Yeah, one minute it’s dry and windy, the next it’s like being shotblasted


Thought I’d resurrect this thread for the other extreme - it’s too feckin hot! 33 today in London :sunny:


It’s been too fucking hot for at least a month out here.


Comes with the territory where you live though…


in my office


Time to fuck off home


Hot as fuck out the back of the house, but rooms at the front are at 15C, bloody lovely.


Just turned the air con off, got a bit chilly :smile:


Aircon set at 23C at work,


31.6 now and that clock/thermometer is by the door which is the coolest place here…where I am sitting it is 33.5


Inside it’s the same 23c that seems to be the ambient temperature for all financial services companies.

Outside it’s so hot you could fry an egg in my shorts.






Just got back, Ann’s had ours on all morning - bliss :relaxed:


Luckily working in a cool basement


In workshop / office where landlord is yet to turn the heating off !
I’m passed sexy, my shoes are filling with perspiration. Stronzetto began a sentence about:
“In Favella it get very h…” I beat him around the ears and face with an HP printer.


By my desk

All Windows open, and a fan on.

By the door it is 33.6


If @rmsshipbroker and his clipboard see that, you’ll be marched off site.


I wish…

I should probably put the blinds down, but that always makes it feel a lot more stuffy. Anyway we see so little blue sky that I don’t see why I should spoil my view…

as for the clipboard - we have already had the UNISON rep going on…