Feckin' Weather


Two fences down, one of my trees bits fell into the road and were cleared by some kind soul. Just on the phone to the insurance company for new fencing, about 15 metres worth.

Just cleared my drive as there were large bits of tree in it. Green bins now full of branches.

My next door neighbour had half a large oak tree snap off and is pretty much filling half his front garden. Looks like my roof & guttering is fine!

Good job I pruned all the bushes and trees in the back garden last weekend! All the garden furniture got caught in a metal fence near the house, so stopped it slamming into my large picture windows!

Total devistation near me, trees down everywhere.


The trains my way are total carnage, there is comedy butthurt on the local groups :joy:


SBoth gate posts down here. Double gates in fence and that’s taken out both fence panels either side.
Snapped off at the base.

We now have everyone gawping in at the huge twenty foot gap, and three dogs (looking after one) that can get in and out via a flap.

£250 quid on Saturday can’t come soon enough. Feel a bit aggrieved at the quote for what is effectively two new wood posts and half a day to dig out the old concrete and reset the new wood. Then screw some gates in! We don’t have time to mess about getting quotes and it’s a sellers market today! Choas everywhere round here…


Plenty of carnage on the rails this afternoon. Too many stations closed to mention. My work is shit sometimes.


Think I must of been lucky today. Drove trains Nottingham to Norwich back to Nottingham Then a little local Nottingham to Mansfield & back & never saw a problem all day! The only drawback was the blanket network wide 50MPH speed restriction! Doesn’t sound like everyone was so lucky!


Underground wind? whodathunk…


Most of the underground is over ground. Hence the name.


Kings Cross and Euston closed due to overcrowding because of disruptions to National Rail services caused a knock on effect to LU services. We had to close 4 times during the evening Peak.




This should explain it


Yep, I saw it on the evening news. Happens a lot at L’pool St, even when there’s no problems with National Rail.


Couple of crisp packets blown into the garden and a plastic bag stuck in the branches of a tree.


Two fence panels down here, fortunately missed next door’s car.


It’s not all (breaking) bad.


There are four fantastic cedars in Verulamium park, the main park near me. One was blown over by Doris, great shame. There will be a big gap for years to come now!


And you think we have it bad


It REALLY REALLY average out side here.


34c here, a little cooler than yesterday :kissing_closed_eyes:


To hot,mid 20s here.


Wild here. Very windy and frequent squalls.