Feckin' Weather


Seen in Pheonix.



#Ophelia making a run for 30th anniversary of the 1987 Great Storm. Post-tropical cyclone expected to remain a serious storm W/SW of GBR.


It’s bloody flooded up here already, took the hounds up to the lakes yesterday and every River was in full spate and breaking their banks.


Lovely sunshine here :yum:


Sunny here too. Very pleasant.


It’s lovely here, sunny and everything.


Just as long as the basement of Bookends in Carlisle doesn’t flood.


One of my silly mistakes in life #437 was deciding to travel from London to North Devon on the morning of the 87 storm on a Honda C 90 .I got as far as Basingstoke and the wind manged to totally stop the bike,guessing the leg guards didn’t help.
Had to get me and the bike on the train to Exeter,the 60 miles from there to N Devon were scary to say the least.


Fuck sake … I’m off camping in the Highlands tomorrow. Need to remember my umbrella.


… ella.


… ella.





Good chance @pmac will spot you and the tent flying past Fetlar Sunday


lovely here sunny and still - might even go for a walk after lunch


Lovely here too. I may just have another drink to celebrate :tropical_drink:


Lovely here too. It’s garden-waste bin day tomorrow so I’m condemned to spending at least some time this afternoon battling the guerilla campaign being waged by the plants in my garden. Whatever happened to Percy Grainger’s idyll …

Actually Grainger was odd. Very odd, for his time at least. This may be NSFW http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/the-lust-branch-private-matters-of-eccentric-musician-percy-grainger. Penance would have loved him.



You fucking southerners will all be moaning about a flake of snow soon enough, winter is coming.


First hint of dampness & you’re whinging while we have to get through our Autumn drought. Pull yourself together.


Tropical warmth here in Liverpool, as per usual.