Feckin' Weather


Quite nice here




London road Slough?


Is it the boating lake in Redcar? (here seen from another angle)


A short guide to how windy conditions are dealt with at 60 deg North


Brid on Aegean


Heard on the radio it is supposed to be a heatwave this weekend.

Now I have no idea how to prepare.


I’m planning a BBQ :+1:


Extra midge repellant.



That’s just his personality


ftfy :ok_hand:


Mainly central and south lakes, Borrowdale had 20mm of rain in less than 24 hours, that’s a lot of rain.



Nope. 200mm is though.



I know it’s called the Lake District, but never realised that people actually lived in lakes. Seems an odd choice, really


Those riverside properties look charming but the rain doesn’t seem that heavy.


That’s the one:)


Don’t say I didn’t warn you :smile:



We have another rain warning for Friday and a stiff breeze warning for Monday, ex-ophelia. Met office predicting 20 to 30 mph steady wind, meh.

Today I have mainly been

That’s what they said in 1987