He does indeed


Ajax have several very capable youngsters.

Romero has been a cool influence without having to do too much.


Well done Jose and United. Well deserved.


2 trophies from 4. CL football next season. It hasn’t always been pretty but that will do.


Great result! Not much of a spectacle, but hey, it’s a cup final, who cares how you win it. Particularly when you get straight into the 2017/18 CL group stage.

Eggs all in one basket worked after all :+1:


Congratulations to Man United. That was a very professional job.


Yes, well done Utd.


We were a class above AJAX, but they have a couple of players we should look at.


Good for morale in the city too this week.

A lot of crocked & hobbling players out on that pitch.


Ajax were very dissapointing.

Liverpool bound to lose their CL qualifying tie now and end up in the Europa.:tired_face:


Jose looked happy at the end…


Ibra to stay now and we’ll push on in the market with at least two top players. Bring it on next season.


Only caught the 2nd half,utd looked comfortable,and ajax looked like a young inexperienced team.

Good result for the city.


The last couple of months were handled well by Mourinho. He evidently realised that a route into the Champions League via Celta Vigo & Ajax/Lyon would likely be more fruitful than committing everything to away games against Arsenal, Spurs, Man City & Tottenham in the hope of getting a top 4 place. Everything was focussed on that & it paid off.

There was a period during the season where he seemed happy & the PR coming out of the club was upbeat & they do need to keep that feelgood feeling going into next season. With a few more good signings for Utd and with the rest of the top 7 also committed to midweek football, next season could be very competitive.

What does seem clear is that despite his demeanour in press conferences, the players do seem committed to him (as they were for much of his time at Chelsea). I think we have to take the public outbursts & the cajoling & criticism of players with a pinch of salt sometimes.


I definitely feel United under Mourinho are the best placed English team to go on and win the CL next season, especially if they get Griezmann, a decent centre half, and a holding midfielder so Pogba can get further forward.




It really pains me to say it Jim.:weary:

TBH the Premier League is so competitve and draining (fatigue and injuries) that it’s virtually impossible for a team to challenge on both fronts, even more so if you have a good League Cup / FA Cup run.

The best chance is when a team can concentrate solely on the European Competition, as evidenced by United last night, Liverpool last year and even Leicester this season.


We need the following as far as I can see;

A cultured centre half who is quick. We have three killer centre halves already in Rojo, Jones and Bailly.

Somebody who can do what Carrick does in terms of distribution, holding the ball and stopping the other team playing. I would still give Carrick another years deal myself. I quite like Dyer from Spuds, but he’ll be expensive.

A striker who can score 15+ goals a season, as I assume Rooney is off and who knows when Ibra is back. Hopefully Griezmann.

If De Gea is off then another keeper.

If Darmian is off then another left back/right back.


Not compared to Pogba or Griezmann, and when you consider how amazing Kante has been for the last two seasons you could argue that this is the most important player in the team, so worth spending whatever it costs.

We will sell you Lucas for £10m if that helps.:wink:


Id say Chelsea are best placed as it stands now,but i think they are only 1/4 or semi final at a push.

I think utd are miles behind beaten teams like BM,Real and Barca at present.

I don’t think any British club will reach the semis next season,unless large and wisely transfers are done.

This transfer window will be extremely important for many clubs.