Was interesting watching this last night.

2 things that stuck out were,how we have killed any kids growing up with skills,and how racist supporters were 30 years ago.

I had forgotten how skillful JB was,saw him in the early 80s at Watford v palace,though the stand out player that day was Vince Hilaire.



He was incredible for Liverpool for 2-3 seasons but because his England career never really went anywhre after that early wonder goal against Brazil he was always seen as a bit of a failureby the media / wider public.

That Liveprool side of 1987-90 were amazing.

Three games cost them so much (Wimbledon in the FA Cup Final in 88, the last game of the season against Arsenal in 89 and the Crystal Palace semi-final defeat in 1990). Should have won


I recall trying to work out when football stopped being a sick and ugly embarrassment and became something again that the country as a whole could enjoy. I always felt it was that weekend in 1990 when two exceptionally exciting FA cup semi finals took place followed of course soon afterwards by Italia 90. During that weekend the country rediscovered its fondness for the game. Prior to that it was one bad news story after another and neither women nor children could be expected to go to games and be safe.


Yes that 1990 world cup had a massive effect on making a change.


So the day that Liverpool finally lost their mojo from which they never recovered is the day a Man Utd fan thinks is the best day ever for football. Who’dathunkit.:smirk:

Take me back to 73-89 any day of the week. A sick ugly emabarrasment my arse.
Also the 1982 and 1986 World Cups were much better than 1990 imo. The only good thing about Italia 1990 was the Rab C Nesbitt special.


82 was excellent,didn’t see much of the 86 one.


What are you babbling on about? Liverpool won the league that year :grinning:


The BBC is reporting that Gary Monk has resigned from the Leeds job. I wonder if the new owner is even worse than the last one?


He seemed a good fit for leeds,see Hulls manager has left to.


Only because they had it won already,

That semi-final was the start of the decline and when the same thing happenend again in the following seasons FA Cup game with Everton even Kenny realised the game was up. End of an era and all that.


Gary Monk has resigned from Leeds - presumably got a Premier League job lined up.*

*Having read up a bit more it seems the new owner and Monk did not exactly hit it off so maybe he walked before he was pushed. He didn’t have a long contract left and so compensation and pay-offs weren’t likely if he was sacked.

Could see him at Hull perhaps with a view to bring them back up.


Rumours around that Silva could be heading to Selhurst Park


Would be a fine appointment if they can pull it off.


82 was great. Porto Banus. Andalusia Plaza Hotel. Scotland. What a trip.


He is off to Porto


Celtic won the European Cup 50 years ago today


Is that Billy McNeil? He and John Greig were singing partners in Puerto Banus in 82. They were crap! :heart_eyes:


I’m sure Brendan will ensure they lift it again next year.