A big suitcase full of money, I imagine.


And how they explain the entire package to the Fair Play oversight…


As the owner, you would ‘make up’ some extra sponsorship to cover it. + sell a few squad players.


Above average lawyers and another big suitcase of money :smiley:


Roll up, roll up. Football bragging rights available here:


Winner gets a signed pic of the Astra :eyes:


I’ve already reserved a spot for it above the mantle piece.:+1:


Does this cover League One?


No - Premier League only.


Celtic do the business in Norway.


I see La Liga are getting all high and mighty over the transfer of Neymar, did this happen with Zidane, Bale, Ronaldo, Figo, Suarez or even Neymar when he was bought by Barca? Non, didn’t think so. Double fucking standards by La Liga and SpainUFA again.




Ah ha, the head of La Liga is a Madridster, he obviously wants to delay the transfer so that Barcelona can’t rival Real scum for Mbape.


It’s the old lady v a tiger this weekend

Sadly, not Juve.

Just Bruce’s Villa against the Tigers on Sky. Still fond of the big lad, and I have no idea how our newly assembled loan team will fair…


You’re gonna lose, you’re gonna lose :wink:


SB will play for the draw. If he doesn’t get one he will dust worselves down and go again next time.

We could be great or completely shite. Depends who is fit and who wants to put a shift in.


He’ll play for one - nil. Shame our only striker who can score is injured so yeah nil nil is the most likely outcome.


It’s on telly. It’s bound to be a turgid affair.
We are always shit on telly.


Bruce is a cunt :rage:


Only on Telly? :nerd_face: You do understand you have JT Legend Leader…etc.?