That is a very good point. I had completely forgotten about that…


Was the reason i put them 4th.

Will be interesting see what bearing the CL and Thursday night cup has on teams.


If LFC can get Keita they may be almost complete.

Watching the friendly their forward line is fast and lethal. Like Barca but pacier.

They just have that soft underbelly that lets them down. With a Kante or Keane type they’d be almost there.


He won’t be coming so don’t hold your breath. I’d like us to get van Dijk, but I’m surprised there hasn’t been greater emphasis on finding a LB. There must be players out there that would improve us.


Andy isn’t the finished article and can only have been bought as a plan B and promise, not a plan A and first choice?
I’ve watched him many times in the flesh at Hull and he just needs a better final cross.

You need a holding midfielder more than the CB.


Probably, but what we need in DM is harder to come by. We never really replaced Mascherano.


Indeed. That player has defined recent top teams, and Didi got you the CL by coming in and doing that job.

I’m waiting for AR to come on now. My Dad turned up for a round of golf at his club not long ago and was asked to join the 3 some teeing off ahead. Turned out to be Robbo, Snodgrass and another.

The lad is a bloody good golfer as well!! Single figure player. Will be a good dressing room player as he is genuinely humble.


Bayern who???


Daniel Sturridge’s career encapsulated in 5 seconds.


Yep, we’re playing excellently tonight. Mane was on fire… Even Moreno isn’t playing too shabbily!


Bayern didn’t have a kick.


He’s a good larker. Unfairly castigated on one or two scapegoat moments.


The usual LFC, start the season well and then run out of steam after Feb. Is it the African Nations this winter, I think it is. Mane off there for 7 weeks then.


err, I seem to remember we ended the season higher than the mancs Bob :thinking:


No, it not. And the Cup of Nations is moving to a summer tourney.




That’s because you were in nothing and won nothing.


The football world has gone mad…


I suspect the same conversation is going on with Coutinho as with Suarez - i.e. you’re not going this season as we don’t have time to prepare a replacement, but you can leave next season with our blessing.


I’d love to see how they will pay for this in one lump sum.