I met my fairy godmother the other day, she said that she could grant me one wish.
I said that I wanted to live forever, she said that’s one wish that she couldn’t grant but I could try another wish.
I said that I’d like to see Manchester United win every competition in a single season.
She told me I was a crafty fucker.


fxt after tonights display.


We won. We fucking won. Our star striker, Sakho, is back and on fire.

Oh, and can I just say…Bruce is a cunt :grinning:


Fixed for accuracy.


Looks like we will be playing some of our youngsters tonight against Nottingham Forest, hopefully some will shine. We are going to have to rely on Christensen tonight and for the upcoming League games now Luis is out.
I like him and I think he will be a regular this season.


Oxlade-Chamberlain is getting some proper stick on social media today. P4 W0.

It can’t be all his fault. Hard to tell what’s going on at Liverpool at the moment.


Never been sure what he is for, tbh.


Great win by our second team with the youngsters playing well?
Home to Everton next round.


The League (Carabao - FML) cup must be the most worthless, uninteresting, insignificant competition in world football.

So don’t tell me it is an opportunity to ‘blood’ young prospects. That’s bollocks, it’s just a hindrance to PL clubs.

FFS, when Burton Albion play their reserve team against Man Utd, what does that tell you?


Wtf is Carabou? I could look it up myself, but just cba.


Real Shitstirrers Madrid lost at home 1-0 to Real Betis in their cup, ha, ha, ha. RM had the full team out as well.


Tells you that the league cup has become almost as competitive as La Liga.


It’s a moose :+1:




Jose says we should scrap the Carabao Cup. Good call.


I’m sure United will step in to subsidise the revenue that all the EFL teams get from it.



Not quite what he said. More that those involved in Europe could be fresher without it.


I do think teams playing in Europe should be exempt to give us a better chance. After all it is the LEAGUE cup we are talking about.


I agree, but all do seem to be playing their second string sides for the most part.

The odd thing is that in terms of the outcome it is the same as the FA cup ie a Euro Pub League spot. Once a team wins it in February there really is no point in them busting a gut to win the FA cup especially if chasing the title, top 4 or European success.