Man U making even more money. Paid off £47.8M of the debt despite buying a lot of players.




Apparently ‘Kick it Out’ are saying it is a stereotype racist chant and want it banned

I suspect they may be fanning the flames


Pep doesn’t seem much of a Carabao Cup fan either.


All this chat is fine but if you don’t back it up with your actions and get knocked out immediately, then you’re wasting breath :smiley:


4-0 win at Stoke is a very good result with Morata scoring a hat-trick. :hugs:


5-0 at City. Not really happy, but could have been worse. I feel that when I get back from holiday we’ll still have nil points and nil goooooooaaaaaalllsss


1-0 at Saints, happy with that. Onwards and upwards.


2-3 win at the hammers - good result


Feel like I have stepped into the vidiprinter on 1987 Grandstand.


Leicester 1 v Liverpool 2 at half time.


Come on Tigers


Ridiculous foul on the keeper before their goal. He is shite enough, we don’t need that heaping on.



Why oh why is ward not keeping the net??


Why does Schmichael always jump before a free kick is taken, so he’s in the air when the ball is hit and is late on the direction of the ball. Does it every fucking time.


Cannot think of a single situation I would want Oxlade-Chamberlain to come on. Why did we spunk 40m quid on him again?


'cos you got all excited about spunking money on Arse players.

Mahrez or the Ox? Hmmmmm


Certainly don’t need him either.