Transfers are definitely open to criticism, but that’s more of a collective club issue than Klopp alone (and has been for some time).

I’ve already said this summer was a complete head scratcher after seemingly having no plan B after the Van Dijk debacle (who we never actually made a single bid for). Then spending a not insignificant sum on AOC because reasons.


Because you were caught tapping him up. :nerd_face:


I wish I had your talent for stating the fucking obvious, Dave. It really add a lot to a discussion.


Mane to Real is what a paper is saying in Spain.


Gotta keep flogging those papers.


So buying better players will improve a team? Who knew?


I posted it because it goes back to a question you specifically asked.


I really don’t follow football, but was amused by this:


Mike Ashley didn’t/ doesn’t.


But Rick Astley does.


Scousers / Spuds / Scoucers / Spuds… hmmmmm

Scousers it is. Or maybe city…


I’ve picked the Liverpool game too


Gone for L/pool as i’m expecting it to be a closer game.




Great goal by De Bruyne. :hugs:


Gonna be an interesting game on Saturday Dave.


Tell me about it! It has come to soon for us.


Not too sure if it isn’t too soon for our defence. Not convinced by it yet


nice win Spurs 0-3 with a weakened team, and a hat trick for Harry Kane


Very disappointing that, Spartak were there for the taking.