From what I can tell she’s looking at a number of clubs and she spoke to Rafa after the game and rumours are either it was about NUFC takeover/investment or LFC takeover and Rafa going back to Mersyside. She may have met with some of Mike Ashley’s men but it’s not clear.

On the NUFC side it seems like Mike Ashley is trying to sell to someone with the HMRC investigation going on, it seems there’s a push to make the club look more attractive to any buyer/investor.

Looks like she’s been involved in trying to buy Liverpool twice in the past.


Not exactly the best match,but exciting.


Liverpool are saved, Milner is back…:doughnut:


That was tense. We’ll probably get Croatia in the play-offs now…


Like two tramps fighting over a chip.



Incredible miss



Ryan Babel is still complete shite, based on the Holland Sweden game and Liverppol. Not liking Lindelof’s defending either.

Daly Blind, when only complete bland mediocrity will do.


Good news for Scotchland football fans, Strachan is gone. However, the bad news is that David Moyes :scream:, Malky Mackay, Derek McInnes and Alex McLeish :crazy_face: are among the early favourites listed by bookmakers to replace Strachan.


Got to be Moyes.


God help the sweatties if Agent Moyes gets hold of the job. He’ll announce they are in a relegation battle after a week.



Although said with a heavy heart, it looks more than probable that it will be Manchester United who end the game as winners.
The buggers are playing well, and don’t have the loss of concentration in defence that Liverpool succumb to. Gawd another game that will end with Bob crowing. :grinning::rage:


I’m dreading this weekend - just like I’ve dreaded every weekend since losing to The Terriers on the opening day :anguished:


Dear me, this fella’s a disgrace. I didn’t even realise he still had a top job in football, now he has two. The SFA and (FA) are an anachronistic joke.


He learned the error of his ways. Everybody deserves a second chance.


In two of Scottish Football’s highest profile and highest paid jobs? OK.


United have so far looked pretty solid at the back albeit against less than stellar opposition. But they still look disjointed going forward &will miss being able to call on Pogba & Fellaini just as Lpool will miss Mane. I suspect Jose will take his usual cagey approach and that it will end all square.


I can see United grabbing this. Unfortunately our defence is low on confidence and talent at the moment. It’s probably as bad as anything United will have faced so far this season.

Mane out is a biggy for us and Firmino has looked tired that last 3 games.