Bloody hell, I thought he was dead. Give him my regards.


He’s more alive than England.


even Walker has become shit since he’s moved up north


He’s only ever been average, at best.


now he is worse than average…£50m remarkable work by Daniel Levy


Started watching netball on iPlayer. Not quite as shit.


Yet another Stirling dive…


Well, Southgate has one thing going for him.

He’s a lucky cunt


He will need to be lucky to get out of the group playing like that. It is as though Roy never left.


The FA’s mantra. Continuity



Google’s on top form this afternoon.


Will be interesting to see what happens to the likes of Ribbery at Munich,


Hopefully Ireland will beat Moldova,leaving a cracking finale on Monday night.


Well, you got what you wanted, but even better. Austria beating Serbia throws it all wide open.

Monday will be interesting.


Yes,puts some pressure on Serbia though they should beat Georgia at home,also Ukraine v Croatia could be tasty.


Looking like there will be no Holland at the WC


I’m watching the Bul v Fra game. Pretty one sided, but Bul not out of it yet.


If you are forced to recall Ryan Babel after years of not selecting him, then you are in trouble. Holland are well past it sadly.


Painful game yesterday, we lost 6-0 at home to mid table Bristol Rovers. Our goalie saved a penalty plus some one on ones, could easily have been ten.

Rovers fans were shocked to be winning, they were singing “how shit must you be, we’re winning away” the reply was “how shit must you be, it’s only five nil” :grin: Soon became six.


Any substance to this, or just more media shite?