Herman Miller office chairs


If your office chair needs to handle the same high lateral G as a football stadium then


With the Aeron you’ve got to make sure it’s the right size and correctly set up. At that point they are imho pretty much perfect, I just don’t have the moolah for one.


We preferred these “Mirra” Herman’s to the Aerons… and I’ve been using this for a good ten years now, excellent chairs. Would recommend . Mercifully not with my money.


Remember if your posture is shit then it won’t really matter what chair you buy in terms of long term comfort.


You can pick those up in ‘as new’ condition for under £200. Thankfully, they are available in a range of colours that includes the ‘I was never confused pink’ displayed above.


Terracotta, but yes. Again not my choice… Excellent chair at full price. For <£200 its a bargain.


I wondered what had happened to my used string vests


Tried a few chairs out today in John Lewis. Hope they don’t mind the chair races I did, it was a pretty quiet Friday morning.

The Aeron was OK, but nothing spectacular given the eye-watering price.

Best VFM was the John Lewis branded Lois at £129

Best overall for me was the Humanscale "Diffrient World"
£425 and I haven’t shopped around yet. Gets a big guarantee too.


Not quite in the same league but today this is my coffee chair


Clearly a masterpiece of design as it has a lower shelf for parking of said coffee cup, or maybe even a muffin…


Need to replace mine at home - what did you end up getting?


Haven’t purchased yet due to sufficient spare cash, but it will be the Humanscale one.


Thanks :+1:.
A trip to John L on the list now to try it out.


I revisit this thread as I need to buy a new chair.

Tried an Aaron and an Aaron remastered, and whilst I don’t mind the mesh, I find the seat back too low.

Tried a humanscale freedom chair yesterday, but didn’t really get on with the arm rests. Tried the boss’s Herman Miller Celle and found it too uncomfortable

I am think of clicking on a ErgoHuman


anyone tried one? or the plus version


Fucking poncy chairs, just get one of these and be thankful you don’t have to stand up for work


I can only dream of sitting down at work




thanks - any particular model. I need good lumbar support, currently having an awful bout of sciatica


As above, a Zody, though I think it was called something else then. Most other folks had Aerons - I hated them.



I’m aiming for a height adjustable gas-lift desk at work so I can stand at my work station. Sitting down is slowly fcuking my back, the shit chair doesn’t help either.