Herman Miller office chairs


I should think @Jim could adjust your desk for you with some of his patented gas lifters if you asked him nicely.


I worked as a draughtsman for a good few years and although I had a chair, I adjusted my drawing board (yes, it was that long ago!) so I could stand while working. I guess I stood for 90% of my working day and felt much better for it.


This week I’ve been experimenting with a couple of small plastic boxes stacked up on my desk which brings my laptop to the correct height for me to stand at. It is much better. Not a solution as I can’t use anything else on my desk but I do think it’s something I’m going to pursue.
My current desk is stood on 36mm high wooden blocks to raise it up so I can have the chair which doesn’t fit me at the correct height.
Fortunately I do have to walk around the factory so not desk bound all day.


Have a look here, Graham



i have two colleagues with height adjustable desks - they are electrically operated, both swear by them. They have memories so you can programme heights for different users, or so you can record your ideal working height and not have to mess around constantly adjusting it


thanks, yes, seen those but realistically not a big enough work area (I have 2 big monitors to accommodate).
Gonna hold out for a new desk.


we buy our electrical height adjustable desks from here


one of my colleagues has a large desk from them with 2 x 26" monitors on clamp-on swing arm monitor brackets - seems to work well.

if your office is on the ground floor you could always avoid the expense of a new desk, by digging a hole in the ground and using a step ladder.


Hole in the ground isnt an option as im on the 1st floor. Stacked breeze blocks on the other hand is viable.


Finally got my new chair today :heart:


Fucking hell… Foo chairs now…


I thought you were changing jobs?


Yeah, but a man needs a chair.


They are fantastic chairs - I have one.
If you’ve not worked it out yet, do the adjustments slowly and in the different places.


I had a Humanscale chair in the office where worked between 2001 - 2009. It was brilliant - really comfortable for long periods of sitting. It had superb lumbar support, which I need. So, great choice :+1:


These have very few adjustable elements, just the seat height, arm height and seat length. The whole back rest mechanism is based on a natural tilt mechanism. I really like it.


You should have requested a deckchair for your summer break