Nah, do it properly:


That’s a definite plan but a few years away.
Want to do a couple of weeks touring italy.

For now we are flight and bus types.


We have booked our holiday to Slovenia. We ae going to be staying at Lake Bohinj, then Lake Bled, a quick whizz over the Russian Road to Bovec, few days by the sea at Piran, finished off by a few days in Ljubljana. All looks fairly interesting.

It is very likely to be a slow whizz over the Russian Road tbh. Passenger a bit on the nervous side for that sort of thing.


A nice few days up at Linn of Dee last week

from top of Morven looking NE

Glen Quoich

East entry to the Laraig Ghru


A lovely reminder of my last trip to that part of the world in October, when I was treated to views of the area from 10,000 feet in a glider.


From Aboyne? 10,000 feet is pretty good - I see that they claim good wave soaring there.


our second grand journey is taking shape - all locations decided and accommodation booked:

This is an eating and drinking tour most of the locations chosen for their local fine dining, food and drink…

Sleeper train from London
Inverness 1 night and collect hire car
Fort William - 2 nights
Oban - 2 nights
Loch Lomond - 2 nights
Carlisle - drop hire car and board train
Settle - 1 night
Cartmel - 2 nights
Shrewsbury - 1 night to visit friends
Penarth - 1 night
Exeter - 1 night
Isles of Scilly - actually staying on Bryher - 4 nights
Exeter - 1 night


When is the trip?


sleeper booked for 25th August


Rome next Monday.


Some great places there. Went to Oban, Fort William etc as kids and keep meaning to go again.


Hell Bay Hotel?


Needs the addition of Hawes :thumbsup:





I did something similar a few years back, but it involved racecourses and 'orses :+1:


We did the Three Island Tour from Oban

Fingal’s cave was amazing…


While in Shrewsbury can you fit in a visit to Moonshine and Fuggles in Ironbridge - the gin shop chatted about a while back?


Need to go again before Nicola closes the border


Jealous. When I was planning on doing that trip it was mostly out of service after a landslip.

Interesting video on YouTube about fixing it.