Interesting stuff on the devil's shadow box


Weren’t they? Nasty little fuckers on the face of it, but a snakes gotta eat…


Complete with funny moment at the end, where they’re doing the ‘how we made it’ thing. So the film crew heave themselves and all their kit up onto some storm-battered active volcano in the antarctic and look for a place to make camp. Not easy given that the whole island is knee-deep in chinstrap penguins. The whole island except, that is, for a smallish flattish area which is largely deserted and looks just the thing. “Good, we’ll pitch the tents here” you can more-or-less hear them saying “where we won’t be disturbing the penguins”. Surely, surely it must have crossed someone’s mind that this prime real estate might be empty for a reason. And as night follows day when the rain comes it runs off across precisely this spot, doubtless bringing a deluge of penguin guano with it. Penguins 1. Film crew 0.



I was surprised by how good it was. Brilliant film.


Me too. Nice to see that the geek whose AI skills have made him fantastically wealthy is actually a fun-loving, hard-drinking, sweary type, not the usual inept, pale nerd. And the robots are as smart and hard as they come, as well as (not by accident) very beautiful.



Different, uncomfortable and brilliant :-).


I think my review at the time was ‘google man makes fuck puppets’.


If you’re only allowed 5 words then those 5 cover one aspect pretty well. If you’ve got a bit more space to work in though then you can have a deeper go at other stuff. Here’s someone looking at a different aspect (SPOILER ALERT - it’s full of spoilers !)



Forgot to say - great film as well. Love the dance sequence😀


Ordered it on blu-ray - wil expect a full refund from the AA if I don’t like it.


Luke Cage. 6.2 out of 10. Nothing new happening here, devoid of content or care. A bit like a Steven Segal film, best kept for when very ill and it’s too much effort to change channel.

The Accountant: Although mildly allergic to Ben Affleck this film is 7.5 out of ten. Efforts at plot twists are rather predictable but as a film I liked it. This is in no small part due to a half decent story line and the fact that Mr. MWS hasn’t been too distracting of late.

The Guv’nor. The Story of Lenny McLean. This was a 6 out of ten. His sons attempts to retrace and reveal the root of his fathers rage and penchant for beating the granny out of most folks he encountered, is tainted by his own ‘Dad wasn’t a monster’ saccharin coating. This leaves a sour rather than sweet taste - file next to social services fail.


Westworld continues to improve and grow ever more complicated.

If you enjoyed Ex Machina then persevere with it.


I’m enjoying Westwood, but trying to figure out where it’s all headed…


Best thing about Ex Machina was my surprise, and everyone else’s surprise, at the ending. Are we going to underestimate machines for ever? Doesn’t bode well…




Think I’ve sussed it…


Oscar Isaac was fantastic, I didn’t actually recognise him the entire film.


This was an interesting programme. While hipster culture is easy to make fun of, there are some useful side effects, albeit at a price.


Interesting, thanks for sharing it.
The Mast bros melting down commercial chocolate was amusing.

It would seem that you need to be fairly well heeled to be a hipster!


Can anyone tell me WTF is going on in ‘The Missing’? I is a whole heap of confus.


Have you seen all the episodes ?