Interesting stuff on the devil's shadow box


I think Wilma was more a leg-mans eye candy.


Watched Dexter for a bit but didn’t really take to it.

Someone here mentioned Ripper Street so may try that along with Battlestar G.


Elementary is another series worth adding to your backlog.


Is anyone watching The Young Pope? I’m not sure what to make of it yet. Its certainly different. I’ve only watched episode 1 at the moment.


Yes I’m watching it also, quite enjoyable tbh, in that it’s totally different!


Quite a marathon first episode at 2 hours. I am intrigued to see how it develops.


Apparently it’s a bit of hit in Italy, which I thought a bit surprising!

Must say the production is lavish, and Jude Law is doing a great job as his holiness… lol.


Jessica Jones. 7.5 out of 10. I’m late to this one but I do enjoy watching something after the 2:30pm gentleman’s nap. I digress, Jessica Jones does have super powers (It’s a Marvel production) but these are not really her focus, she is a PI and borderline alcoholic. She oozes contempt (A quality many fail to recognize as sexy in the most unwholesome kind of way) Her nemesis is the Old Dr. Who bloke who looks like a bird who’s pecked his way out of an egg (Please someone tell this cunt to blink) but I digress again.

He is a cunt, his cuntishness is actually noteworthy and HiFi dealers should take note. He takes the Jedi mind trick to the darkest nadirs, seemingly for the fuck of it. So yes this is a super hero show but it’s dark and fairly well put together in so far as it is not reliant on ‘super powers’ but rather suspense. The girl who plays the surly heroine was the heroin addicted girl from Breaking bad and yes, Mr. MWS has straddled her with furious creativity in the Mind garden on a number of well stained occasions.


Yes, it’s very good and seems to be getting better.


Watching the jaguar kill the caiman on PE2 was ace.

Should this be in the car thread?


Absolutely - top notch so far.


I watched The Last Miners on BBC last night:

more interestingly at the end of the programme, they said if anyone was interested in more programmes about digging tunnels they should watch “How they Dug the Victoria Line” first broadcast in 1969 it was a great to see how stuff has changed - a great documentary from the vaults of the BBC.


Just watching the latest episode, seems like the new pope is a absolutely massive cunt! Brilliant!


Jude Law is superb in it and really enjoying how the story has developed in a totally different direction to what I was expecting.