And the big bad ass saw excavator thing. Have you seen any prices yet?


I want that Saturn V so bad (yes, I know i’m pathetic).


You are certainly not going to be the only one, I want too!! Wonder if i can get away with buying it for the kids but building it myself…


You do realize it’s not a REAL space rocket don’t you?


Maybe the wow on this one comes from the off-centredness - I’m not sure if it’s the hole in the record or the spindle in the ‘turntable’:

It says here that he’s made a valve amp as well



Wow, they’ve come a long way since I were a youngster . . .

But we were happy, etc. :slight_smile:


The problem with that Saturn V is that the big part isn’t that interesting & the interesting parts; Command Module & Lunar module are a bit shit. The scale requires them to be small & they can’t therefore have the required detail.

They should’ve made a big CM & LM.

This is a little bit better.




I’d like to see the Saturn V come with the crawler transportation.



That’ll keep you busy this evening.


Any working parts? :wink:


dunno yet!


Yeah you fill them with lighter fluid


I need that in my life.


I’m sure Penance could find a few…


Finished the Combi :sunglasses:


Claire says that is really cool and why haven’t I done the wooden Harley Davidson thingy she got for me two Christmases ago…:roll_eyes:


Hey Rob, why haven’t you done the wooden Harley Davidson thingy you got for Christmas from Claire a couple of years ago? I bet that would be cool if it was done.