Meat packaging


It arrived today, much earlier than expected.
Even better in the 'flesh’
Really pleased. :grin:


What about on the flesh? WHAP


excellent, mine was dispatched really quickly, should be here next week


I spent £80 on a nice belt earlier in the year, along with a nice shirt for an interview. When i bought it, it fitted perfectly on the middle button hole. I went to wear it again about a month ago and i was on the last (smallest) hole and it looked fucking stupid. :rage:

After all that, I pulled out of the application, so that was a waste of fucking money. However, I am sold on the nice belt thing, so I will probably end up getting another one soon.

Anyone want to buy a nice belt?


Keep it for your shirt lifting in the other thread


Collected mine from the PO this morning - it is fantastic, the quality is great and it’ll probably outlast me. I might even be tempted to stump up for another in a different colour/width


Latest purchase from the Cheaney factory shop.


Where are the oars? :joy: