Meat packaging


Jeez. I was just joking. That picture isn’t really me. You seem to know an awful lot about nazi style :neutral_face:


11 metres x 1.1m


:grinning: I think they should actually look like this…


The lopwell chopper is ready for orders and his assistant can take payment, ready for collection in four weeks time


I think there will be plenty of choppers at Lopwell…


Some are sharper than others


I’ll bring my car boot pasting table and sewing machine


The ‘cabbage’ can go in the cob oven overnight and in the morning someone can pull out a blackout set for their bunker


Think it would make a nice suit with matching trilby

Sort of George melly in the 70s


I’m pretty sure @Jim has matching Hawaiian shirt and socks (to go with his sandals) in that very fabric…


One of the things I have done at the same time I changed my diet was put aside each week the sum of money saved in not buying all the junk food i would otherwise have been eating.

The result is sufficient to buy a decent pair of winter shoes. An upcoming trip to Kettering to purchase the next batch of timber provides the ideal opportunity to visit a few of the factory shops to see what can be had. Hopefully the pair of Crocket and Jones’s I have my eye on will be available at a reduced price. I intend to visit a few of the factories and see if I can get into Greens too.


Crocket and Jones and Cheaney are my favourite factory shops. Not made it to Greens or Lobb. Barker is rubbish.


Stronzetto continues to suffer a crushing downer following BBC revelations the great British Sewing Bee has been axed. His crayon penned application on behalf of @stu was a convincing tempest of threats and hyperbole.



hipster trousers


Do hipsters do ironing? Surely not.


Managed to visit a few on my trip and bought a pair at Crockets. Looking for size 11 G fit ain’t easy in factory shops, however turns out that on certain lasts i am an 11 F fit. The lad at Crockets was really helpful, went round the back and returned with over half a dozen boxes of 11F shoes. One of which happened to fit like a glove and was the winter shoe i was looking for. No flaws on it, just 2 year old stock no longer made. At £150 it was a 60% price reduction. The quality of these shoes really is a step up from say Loakes or Barker, well chuffed.

Cheeney’s were good too, really helpful. Lovely shoes and the boots in particular were cracking.


Nice one. Fan of Cheaneys too, they seem to get style - quality - price just right.


Talking of leather, just spent £80 on a belt, :open_mouth: I have been fed up with cheap belts falling apart in short order so took the plunge.

They are made to order so won’t be delivered for 10 days or so.


v. nice, I like the option of a stainless buckle. I am allergic to Nickel and often end up with a rash if my skin touches the buckle, and it sometimes does when wearing jeans