Meat packaging


Yes, looks a hair long, should sit on the top of your knee cap.

Easy enough alteration…


Where is your pan and how long has it been aching ? OK, I’ll get me coat (once I’ve checked that the style is acceptable …).



Camel hair coat with ulster collar(s)




What is the correct under garments for under a suit. Should one wear an airtex vest? briefs/thongs/under armour etc…

oh and what about suspenders for holding up my socks? and shin pad protectors for the commute?


Alright 'arfur.


That reminded me that when browsing Amazon the other day, I came a cross a device that I have never seen before. It had an elasticated strap which fitted over each thigh, with about four elastic straps with clips (like you get on braces) that attach to the bottom of your shirt to prevent it coming out of your trousers! :flushed:


Bloody hell, I wouldn’t want to get tangled up in that! :sweat_smile:


I just had a look and my outfitters (R.M.Williams) don’t make suits. Well, that’s me fucked :sunglasses:


Although since they were mostly acquired by LVMH they’ll now sell you a pair of croc boots (three grand please, sir) in one of their boutiques. A bit less of the rugged outback now.


Stupid bell end stuff deleted.


Pretty certain you just copy & pasted the world there.


Yes,unintentional and strange because I got a message saying that it was a unacceptable format :disappointed_relieved:


Maybe you should try printing the Internet off. You know …just as a back up like. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip mate :rage:


Don’t bother - I’ve already got it on a floppy. I can run off a copy.


Have you got the deleted forum there as well?


49% purchased by an equity affiliate of LVMH.
It still produces a quality product with excellent customer service. Until that changes…


If I tell you…


I didn’t know the specifics of the deal, I was just amazed to read in last weekend’s FT that there is a boutique (in Bluewater?) that does custom boots in exotic hides. Kind of defeats the point IMO.