Meat packaging


In tomorrows episode of “The Idiots Guide to How to Dress Yourself”

“How to tie your shoelaces in less than 10 minutes”

By Peter (age 5 1/2)


Clip on braces, just fucking no. Get your tailor to add some brace buttons to the trousers and buy some proper braces. Standards man, standards.

As for shirts, German ones are pretty good for the money. When Ighave a shit, IE before my iron free debenahms sale specials I was partial to Meyer shirts and Magee suits.

Pointy shoes are for cunts in sales and young people who don’t know any better.



Smaaart - Ritchie did you have contacts back then?


You mean, When Men Wore High Hats?


He may have started it, but you owned it daaahling :kissing_heart:


Ooh, get her! :grinning: Let me know when you when you need a make over, leotard boi :kissing_heart:


Reckon you can do anything to shjuj this one up?


My eyes, MY EYES!

FFS, that can’t be erased now.


That is one definition of meat packaging :nauseated_face:


Room 231 at Scalford 2015 if memory serves :slight_smile:


I feel better now :grin:


Does your underwear carry the gas safe logo too?


It has a warning…‘may contain nuts’.

Eyethangyeeew. :slight_smile:


Surely there are no rules man. I’m of the mind that if people think I’m a cunt then they are a cunt. I wore tartan trainers with a suit to a wedding, worked a treat.


You are either Rod Stewart or Jackie Stewart…either way I claim my £5. :slight_smile:


Jackie Stewart will ONLY wear tartan troos.


Not forgetting his tartan ‘bunnet’.



buttons on shirt collar a no no?

This decent?

Despite having tons of time when I started the thread I have done fuck all so now don’t really have any time to do anything about it :thumbsup:

So…my trousers still have belt loops so will need a belt. I need to look out my black shoes and see what state they’re in etc… etc…