Music Torture


He must have timed the good stuff with my visits to the kitchen/fire/bog :grinning:


Off and Fuck in which any order you like :slightly_smiling_face:


I brought lots of dub reggae too but it remained in the record box as Terry wasn’t joining us :rofl:


the height of musical culture IMO - you should have been at the Stormzy set in Brighton over the weekend…


Lopwell at the weekend was the place to be and there was plenty of grime


Excruciating, but strangely alluring…

I may be becoming a very drunk Mr. MWS :thinking:


Stronzetto needs no diagrams on the thighs.



Girl / Boy ‘n’ guitar
ANY sort of ballad
Most Soul , except Northern
Choral, except Gospel
Hi-fi music (Norah etc)
Crooner, except some Sinatra
Pop music - commercial chart stuff
John Lennon
George Michael

Surprisingly, both Elton John and … Simply Red were amazing live :open_mouth:

That’s about it, I think.




and Bagpipes


Bob Dylan


I was fucking gutted when I moved to Calgary and first day in the city there was a fucking piper


A few years ago I used to get woken every Sunday morning by some bagpiping fucknugget practising in his back garden.

Edit: it could have been worse. He could have been doing Dylan songs


Don’t mind some Dylan stuff tbh


You will all be pleased to learn that my album choice for next week does not contain pipes (unlike the last).
It may, however, contain whistles. To be revealed tomorrow.


I actually love a pipe band. A solo piper playing a lament is strangely emotional.

Anyhoo… Thin Lizzy can get to fuck.


Dylan and bagpipes


Thanks for posting. I made it to 23 seconds.


Hmmm, slightly lacking in subtlety