My new novel!


In the belief I can do with all the publicity I can get these days - cover of new novel - Ghost story thriller “the Companion” - out in the spring :slight_smile:


Sorry here’s the cover!
There are no dogs in it I am afraid.




Mr Damp - is that based on bmtell.:joy:


I am more moist darling.


Are veils lifted?


Are there any pictures and does she get her tits out?

If not, I’m out.


Mr Damp’s back story



Much fun re Mr Damp - but you just do not want to meet him…
Was scheduled as Ghost Story for xmas by BBC but money ran out - Lawrence Gordon Clarke to direct too. All Abottoirs invited to book launch!!! Bring doggos


Is the companion particularly frisky on Wednesdays?


Keep us posted - I’m all about freebies (and doggos, natch).


will there be booze and mince pies?


Is it local? Can I get a bus there?