New Beemer 5


Compared to a Volvo v70 it’s a bit poo.


The only person who’d agree with that is a Volvo owner :laughing:


Some damn good deals on the outgoing 530D M Sport


…and you’ll get more for your money as the old 5 is 100kilos heavier :grin:


More lbs for your ££s then :smiley:


That will be the soundproofing that has been removed, so it’s more ‘sporty’.


5 series. Sporty. Lolzers.


Has not watched the video. Confirmed.


I had the 535D with M Sport suspension, and there’s no way you could describe it as sporty…

The electric steeering robbed it of all feel, imo…


I didn’t say it was sporty, I said BMW removed soundproofing to make it seem more sporty as it’s noisy.


This weeks BMW interesting fact.

BMW on all their cars don’t position the wheels straight, they are at an angle (rears pointing in and fronts pointing out slightly) to improve handling apparently. This means your tyres wear more and you use more fuel. Fronts wear on the outside more and rears on the inside more. This fact was brought to you by ATS guy who has just replaced 2 tyres on my BMW. Apparently the worst BMW for tyre wear is the X5.


Or possibly, that most BMW drivers drive like cunts.


Wheel size and tyre profile make a difference to the quietness in the cabin. My previous 3 series E92 with 17" wheels/45 tyres was quieter inside than my present 3 series F30 with 19" wheels/35 tyres.


Yep once upon a time I was in chassis design at BMW and begged them not to go down this route. Even set up ride and drive sessions for the Execs but even though they preferred hybrid steering gear, they still demanded we go electric :angry:


Purely on economy afaik, I’m reluctant to sell the Porker as it’s the last with hydraulic steering… :cry:


Not at that time, it was more expensive as a component, and that’s without factoring in the R&D costs


So what was the reasoning then?


Appeared to be a case of Execs know best - they honestly wanted to be first or at least first to do it well, they thought that it would be a selling feature. I think my counter that steering like a Golf diesel wasn’t the kind of selling feature for the ‘ultimate driving machine’ didn’t go down all that well but I always hated all that corporate obedience bullshit anyway.


Oh well, anyhow they all need to adopt it for the 1% fuel consumption it offers now…

I must say the latest ones are better, like on my M4 for example, but for the best ‘feel’, and I use that loosely, I always put it in the lightest/comfort mode…


Round neck jumper and collar out, warra cunt.