Nord/Hypex amps - anyone care to share experience?


My point exactly, system and preference. Danny was running a big Class A amp, does that mean all Class A amps are duff? We listen to a system, he was very happy with his. It doesn’t change the fact that some things work together some not so.

Sorry to hear you’ve had duff Class D’s, I’ve had a good few years from mine without problem, fingers crossed. A pre amp glitch caused a fuse to trip in one of the mono’s a couple of years ago and it was heartening to find the amp is still fully supported by the manufacturer. In my case it was nothing more than isolate it from the mains and plug it back in to reset the fuse.


Because ICHM was getting bored I thought I’d better do something about it, so just ordered a S/H Plinius Hautonga from Audio Emotion. A little bit chuffed, favourite amp that I’ve head and comes with a guarantee.

Onto sorting a DAC now, but got a good idea of what to go for this time, so won’t start a dull thread!


well done , and its not dull talking about hi fi !!



Pics and impressions when you get it please.


Congrats on the Plinius, they look purposeful and have a good reputation, hope it works out.

Funnily enough Danny’s amp was also a Plinius :smile:


Yes it is. Really quite dull.


My wife would agree with that! Dull and expensive but it floats my boat👍