Notes from a remote island


Joke forum.


I want to give you a hug now.


I’m just foolin’. Not bothered.

One bit.

Will still take a hug tho. From one bearded gent to another. :slight_smile:


Might have an interview or two coming up. Contemplating losing the beard temporarily.

When are you going to catch up with the modern world and swap golf for cycling? It is what all the cool kids are doing.


It’s just a fashion thing. In a year or two, everyone will be chucking their bikes in a skip and buying new golf bats…


Might try golf on a bike at the club over the road.


Isn’t that polo?


Innovate don’t imitate. Like your style :slight_smile:


We played polo at Eton.


Hanging out the side of Astra estates?


Water polo judging on the last outing of the Astra :slight_smile:


Funzie web cam is most promising ce soir


She needs to keep her head still.


And her elbow straight.


I have not seen this beard - does it make you less hideous to look at.


I look gorgeous.


Like a fat brilliant pad.


You’re a bit alt-right? :frowning:


A definite improvement - I’d keep it.