Notes from a remote island


Ginger and grey is the new black.:kissing_heart:


Girlfriend wants me to keep it. Says it looks better than the pics of me pre beard. She is very polite.


That was on Netflix recently?


It’s easy to justify laziness :smirk:


It does have the benefit of being low maintenance.

Just happy to have a girlfriend, so if she says she likes it it stays. I don’t want to be the lonely man who sits at home with his cats posting his many meaningful insights on tinternets anymore.


Don’t you find it rubs against her beard when kissing?


It’s like velcro on her hairy arse crack


Anymore ? Sorry, must have missed it :confused:


The internet will miss you. She’s a lucky girl.


Only kidding, Mark


I tell her this. She just smiles.


She certainly is…just be careful you don’t give her a slow puncture with those gingery whiskers :slight_smile:

Still, being a cyclist you will have a handy repair kit.


Who are you?

What have you done with Mark?


Are you Gordon Browns smiling coach?


Nurse!!! Bring the syrup of figs.


An attractive relic…and the castle in the background looks OK too. :slight_smile:


[Attenborough]The lesser spotted forum-mockingjay, hides his teeth in this classic display of his facial plumage, designed to disarm the frightened female, and lure her into mating[/Attenborough].


You must never again post lyrics from Alanis Morrisette ‘Isn’t it Ironic’.


Don’t worry Mark - I’ll take over that mantle.:grimacing:


Built a shed today. Well most of one anyway.

Sub frame bolted to concrete base

Just the roof to go on tomorrow with only light winds forecast (far too windy to risk it today)