Always enjoyed Sodbury’s Forsyth anecdote involving a big curtain, the Natural History museum & a rush to the pub.



I can just imagine Brucie saying today ‘C’mon dollies, do your dealing!’

Twitter would fucking melt.

RIP Bruce Forsyth.


I never ever understood his popularity.


I’m with you. While he was always thereand I enjoyed some of the shows, I never really got him.


I think that much of the popularity of prime time TV presenters is simply familiarity - see them enough and people think they’re friends.

That’s why I think that so many are overpaid: the BBC can easily create new ones by simply giving them enough airtime, so they become familiar and popular. I don’t deny that many have real talent, but they are far from unique in that respect.

Anyway off topic, it’s always sad when anyone dies but Brucie had a good life, did well and made it to a good age. What more can you ask for?


Certainly wasn’t my cup of tea. Didn’t like his style at all.

As Adam said, he had a good life.


Can’t argue with that.


He was a childhood favourite. His partnership with Dean Martin was great. Although in later years his humour was controversial…
TBH, I didn’t know he was still alive…


This :astonished:





Thank you. Would not have heard otherwise. Do not believe hands and piano sounds, but ‘let there be love’

is a message for all. Always takes a great female vocalist to chat back.


Walter Becker. Just 67 :frowning_face:.

Whether or not you liked their stuff (and some people really didn’t) Steely Dan did bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. Me included.



Sad news.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


Yeah, Walter Becker. :disappointed: A legend and a great, for me.

Lovely guitar solo here…


A great for me too. :pensive: