Pork scratchings


Precisely how many muffins constitutes a modest tray?




Rubbish. Anything up to 4 muffins is modest. A tray with 6 muffins verges on that legendary status known as… adequate :dizzy_face:

I have never heard of the existence of such a thing so will dismiss the possibility as wild speculation. The valuation of the Astra was conservative however.


clearly you need to take the lead from a Baker - a Bakers dozen is adequate


Pfffffft, a dozen muffins??? Who are you, the Sultan of Brunei? I’m not sure there is enough money in th UK for that lot. Mind you, if you were to trade the muffins in, and haggle like an Egyptian carpet purveyor, you might be able to trade 'em in against a nice Astra with a sunroof. But then again, would you feel comfortable driving around in such a thing, when you could do so much more with the money. For example, a full separates system from Steepletone might conceivably be within your reach.


'Leccy porker…


At least it will sound better than the Boxster.


Have they put the battery pack in the wrong place?


Electric cars are shit.


Another prick in the wall??


Pretty sure an F1 GTR is worth a good deal more than £3m


Yes, probably double, and doubt he’ll have any insurance either…


Pretty sure he can afford the repair bill regardless. From what I could see the damage was relatively minor (certainly a far cry from Rowan Atkinson’s efforts).


Co-driver shouted, “Oops”. In German obvs…


Took that a bit quick…!

No one was in a hurry to pull them out really! :dizzy_face:




Today I’ve got a Macan, as mine is in for its two year service…

Quite nice in a floaty but jiggly way, but too big to be a nimble B road basher, so good if you like that sort of a thing…:wink:


This really deserves its own thread to do it justice :slightly_smiling_face:


Please feel free to start one… :+1:


what version and what suspension options?

On mine I tend to lower and firm up the suspension - put it into Sports mode and I find it ok on the B roads. Its no Boxster, but for a big car not too bad IMO.