Rugby A Game For Gentlemen



This is quite scary,
I would hate to see the Rugby go the way of the NFL


They need to do this in Australia and South Afrika more.


It’s rife all over. Not just rugby…


Loving the Manu Tuilagi and Denny Solomona out to 4:30 drinking story, now they are propper rugby players.


Good luck to the women in the final on now.


Watching it :+1:


Me too after the United match.


Great first half. Really enjoying it


I think the Blacks have the edge now.
Great game


Well done AB’s it was well deserved.

Credit to England too for making it such a great game


Closer than I thought it would be but New Zealand were just too strong in the second half. Credit to both sides for a great match and to ITV for showing the match on their prime channel on a Saturday evening.


ITV cover the Aviva Premiership and womens rugby.
They also cover the RWC and some of the 6 nations.

They should get all of the 6N then we wouldn’t have to put up with the dinosaurs on BBC.
Guscott, Moore and Davis never played the game in the professional era and have no idea of the life of a modern player and the demands of the clubs etc.



Watching Glaws Vs Chiefs, nice to see that player that Wasps academy coach said wouldn’t make it (Purdy) playing well.

Missing TTT, I do like a tank engine.


Nice to see another ex-Wasps academy lad doing better at Barf, young Beno Obano at LHP. He’s only 5’8" tall and about the same wide.

Wasps don’t seem to keep the best academy lads and the ones they do sit in the reserves for years on end. Very different to Sale for instance.


Fucking typical, the only match my son plays this season & pre-season I miss and he scores the winning try from 40m out. Well done him, grrrrr.


40m out?
I thought he was a forward? :grinning:


He played as a winger as he has spent 2 years as a pro 7s player and is now fast, propper fast. He’s been playing 13 for the last month, but their wingers can’t defend, so they put him there.


I know he is a seriously good player Bob, I was just taking the piss!

Is he back playing 15s now? Who is he with?