Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Looking at the penalty count the Lions struggled just as much, if not more, with the referee.
Another northern hemisphere ref next week as well. ABs will be like men possessed next week and we will need to up our game a lot. If we play like we did yesterday we’ll get hammered.


Great game so far!


Game on!


It’s just a little bit tense!


Farrell on 80 minutes for the draw?


Or 79 minutes and kick to the corner? Ftw


Oh boy


Big decision, lucky Lions


I’m worn out just watching!


Ok I got the wrong minute:wink:


Strange ending but well done Lions. Rode their luck a bit but battled really well all series.


Given that I was expecting a last minute All Blacks score I’ll take the ‘strange’ ending!

Extra time would’ve been fun though.


I was worried that this tour could have killed the Lions credibility in the modern game but they have turned it round, and whilst the ABs probably deserved to win the series the Lions didn’t deserve to lose it.

Think I have just spotted a red banner in the crowd spelled Loins!!


Was worth the drawn series to see both sides mixed and sitting on the podium together with the trophy.


It’s an achievement but an anti climax.

Abysmal handling and they should have been out of sight at half time.
We were excellent but the static forwards in the back line slowed a little bit of our open play.



Was he a Brummie?


What a game, absolutely intense.

Quote from NZ Stuff website

" This was a night when sport put a magnifying glass on the human spirit and showed just how magnificent it can be."


Great idea by AB Jerome Kaino that the players should mix together for the final group photo.
Nothing separated them on or off the pitch


Can you spot John Terry in his kit?


Most unsatisfying weekend in Exeter at the Mitsubishi 7s, the “young” England 7s team were mostly poor, I have to say that this years intake are not great, nobody with real pace and only 2 of the newbies appear to be able to tackle. They have had a year together and they are still poor, not great.

Not quite sure why two of the three experienced England players taken were on the bench in the 5/6th place final where they lost to a team they should have beaten easily.