Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


In a bar in La Rochelle this morning (yes, I know) and was offered 2 tickets to see the Barbarians v Australie in Bordeaux. I gratefully declined. Glad I did now :rolling_eyes:


Fucking Newcastle scrum half kicks the ball away with them leading and 3 minutes to go, just fucking keep the ball you idiot.


Best quote from the weekend from a Sale Sharks fan.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that we must have by far the biggest squad in the league as we seem able to field 15 players every week who have clearly never met each other before the match!”


Seems like London Welsh may be wound up or go bust, due to debts. Sad way to go, but they were rather profigate with money in 2012-15 and now have £2M in debts, including £250K owed to the IR and have stopped paying their players. they have no ground to sell, after selling it to a trust, so no assets to speak of.

An object lession for clubs to live largely within their means or suffer the slings and arrows of debt.


I hope they got a good deal.
Any real estate in Richmond has got to be worth a few bob.
A real shame. Some great players have played for a club with amazing rugby history.
There must be some rich Welsh idiot who will bail them out. Land of my father’s etc etc.


We were wound up when we were London Scottish Rugby Club and Bristol bought our Premiership place. We had kept our original name when we were founded in the 1800’s which was London Scottish Football Club for the amateur sides and carried on.


Are they still at the Athletic Ground Dave?
I enjoyed many a pint in there after internationals before the pubs were open all day. A good mate was a member.


Yes Kevin we are still there sharing with Richmond but I have not been there for some time. Shame about the Welsh though and I loved going to the Irish when they were at Sunbury, now that was a proper piss up. Great days.


Watched a level 9 match today, ffs fat bastards all unfit, I could have played. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great match at Leicester, really enjoyed it.


Taxi for Mallinder, new DoR within the next month I think. Will be interesting to see what happens with his son too.


Crap match Saints V Stale

Sale really were crap, a complete inability to actually create anything and no flair or penetration. The cherry on the cake was Sale sub scrum half Michell who two minutes from the end tapped and went, only to pass to the Saints 10 who passed to a centre 5m out and not marked.

Sale need a 9 and 10, in fact they need two 9s as without Stringer, they are pants.

Now watching Coventry Nomads Vs Barff

Come on Barff.


Bristol can’t stop winning, not looking good for Sale at the moment, the Championship calls.


Good win for Bris, but Woofter also won yesterday. The relegation battle will be a long one.


Sale away are mostly terrible, so a loss.

Bristol can win at Saints, it’s going to be interesting.


I see Sale have suspended Arscott as they think he gave away details to Bristol over New year. He’s a winger, what the fuck can he tell them?


You mean Sale Sharks don’t you?


Yep. He’s been sacked.



Watching Saffas V Big Fat Boys of Toulon, Note to Saffas, don’t try to bully players who are 10Kg biggger than you.


Watching Barf V Glaws, not a great match, but I know a couple of the younger players in the Barf team.