Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Off to watch Northwich for the first time this season, hopefully it won’t rain again!


I am sure I have read that London Welsh our out of business. What a shame.


Well not strictly true. They went bust (the professional club (there is an non-professional club also)), mainly as they shouldn’t have got promoted to the Premiership (only by legal means they got in). Spent waaay too much on average players and went down with a salary budget of £1.7M in the second tier (Championship), when most clubs run on half that, except London Irish.

Really bad management of the club.

They went financially bust and were being taken over, the entity taking them over failed to prove to the RFU that they had the money and the RFU pulled the plug on them being a professional club and wiped the results and kicked them out. The amateur club continues and the pro players are fucked.


But like Scottish they will start again in a lower league. We went to the Hearts div 3 or something equally obscure.


At least two other clubs in the championship are under severe financial stress.


What clubs?


Dave, they can’t be named on a public forum. However if you think of a great British story of Robin Hood and another of a TV series called Bergerac, you may understand.




Wellingon HSBC 7s



It would be very funny if Italy beat Wales. Howley should not be the Wales manager.

England to just beat France, I think it will be very close.

Scotch to get twatted by Ireland.


Debating whether to watch England at the pub or at home. Should be a good one


I think the Scots could make a game of it.




I can see some very close games this year.


You make a compelling argument. The proximity of a suitable pub (40m) and a local friend who also wants to watch it are further arguments in favour :slight_smile:


I don’t see how a discussion is necessary :smirk:


Incredible start from Scotland - 3 great tries.


Good start for the Scotch.


Indeed, I thought they’d chucked it away at one point. Fantastic game for a neutral spectator.

I liked that cheeky try from the line-out. They won’t get away with that one again though!


England not impressing me at the moment. Lots of silly errors.