Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Can’t you just hit it with a hammer and swear a lot?


Has he changed jobs? Is @stu a plumber now?


If the motor is mechanically noisy then I’m guessing misalignment or very worn bushes. If there is a cyclical thudding sound I would guess it’s the idler wheel that may require attention / replacement. The hum issue you also mentioned (I take it this is audible through the speakers and not motor coil related) may very well be a grounding issue.


Tried without platter so not idler. No real hum until you put stylus on the record. Will try the shims when I get time at work


As good of a wobbly circle as I have seen.

Yep, it’s good, as expected.


Have you got the plot for the 1210?




No, I did try with other test discs while I didn’t have the analogue productions, and they were useless.

Most of the wobbling on the above is the lathe, the same pattern occurs on any decent turntable. I’m not sure what the spikes are, quick speed adjustments or just artifacts, I just did it quickly.


Have you tried the test on a deck with a more ‘obvious’ motor signature? Some of the ones PaulR ran were showing up numbers of poles (or indeed idler noise/wear) quite clearly.

I agree re the records though the AP one seems pretty good if you get one with the hole near the centre!


Just the ones Paul ran. Ive only really messed with direct drive tables. By the time I tried my diy table I’d broken it and it looked like an egg.

If anyone sends me a recording of a 3150khz file though it’s easy to do. If I get the chance I’ll try the spacedeck before it goes, and my 401 if I ever put an arm on it.


Just tried it and is running silent,will put it in deck later. Cheers Matt


I had been on the point of ordering a Kiseki Blue NS when the dealer offered me an excellent deal on a Purpleheart NOS. So far, I’m loving it :grinning:


I do like your record player, :eyes: Even more now.
That is a splendid cartridge :+1:


Nice cart. Already a dark colour and that will increase in depth with time. Mine sounds great and has been going for years.


It lives


There appears to be a portal to another universe in the middle of your floor. Careful where you tread now.


Wondered where the kids had gone


Very nice Stu.

What’s playing ?


Steve mason and Dennis bovell ghosts outside