Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


That is a terrific LP. I went on a huge Steve Mason binge when I realised that he was the chap out of the Beta Band. I was convinced he had packed in the music business. All of his solo stuff is well worth getting IMHO.


Yes bought it a couple of years ago but have only given it loads of plays lately

Really like it


Thank you.

Ordered and on its way :slight_smile:


You won’t regret that. The other LPs, especially Meet the Humans are superb.


duly noted here and on the waiting list


Could it be a high-end 2p piece to blu-tack to the headshell for those ‘more difficult to track’ discs ?

Seriously, you must be dead chuffed Stu.



Great result, Stu :+1:


Put the 309 on the Gyro yesterday but I prefer the AN1 tbh.


If that’s a copper mat on the rug, stick it on the lenco, much better than the rubber one.
Glad you got it working ok.


Does the AN1 sound livelier?


Yes. That’s basically it. I’m not used to comparing arms but the 309 seems to dampen the sound more. Saying that though I had one on my Oracle before getting a V and loved it.


I thought so, synergy thing isn’t it…




Now sold.:laughing:


Nice! A look now says in the region of £1200.

I take it that’s not what you paid?


I thought they were £995.00 new. There is a Bentley version that is more epxensive.


Well, not particularly second hand, actually, because their previous owner didn’t get round to collecting them from the shop. I think he missed out…


Lowther TP1 speakers have many flaws, one of them isn’t dynamics. They are ‘nimble’ and not shy of attack. For fun I thought I’d have a listen with a couple of Decca cartridges that came in this week. To assist with impatience and in the spirit of AA, blue tack and coins were used to balance the business end. (The SME 3012 series 1 is certainly not a good pairing for these carts). The super gold (VDH tip) came with a x4 pin connector which is very handy in comparison with the three pin ‘piggy back a cart tag’ ball aches of the standard gold x3 pin affairs. I thought it might be interesting to listen to the carts through the Lowthers and jot a few notes:

Recording - Fleetwood Mac Rumors 45 RPM Audiofool. Track: Dreams

Drums: I have never placed my nose to the skin of a snare drum whilst it is struck but I rather imagine it sounds like this. unusually punchy
Bass: Lowthers have shit bass even in the 14 foot of horn on the TP1’s. There was bass, it sounded like a bass - it was very fast but famished = lacking guts.
Symbol crash: Immediate to the point of premature.
Vocals: Very defined, nice imaging if you like that sort of illusion. The harmonies were quite eerie I thought I could smell Stevie Nicks breath I winced twice.

Why only x1 track? This combination is exhausting but curious. I’m not in any hurry to repeat the experiment I feel mildly bruised. A nap I think.


Once I come into some loot I want to try a super gold as I think it will be a good pairing on the moerch


I’m never quite sure whether the Decca cartridges are considered to be of very low compliance (hence suiting a heavy arm) or high compliance. I did try a few in a medium mass arm years ago & felt they gave glimpses of greatness but alongside very obvious weaknesses (which may be further exacerbated by the wrong choice of arm)