Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Quick shot of the whole rig might be good at this point Nick…please :upside_down:


I must get rid of the astroturf :smile:


Your HiFi is as neat as your garden Nick!


Nice! Is that a Lumin under the CDP? If so, do you mind commenting on it a bit please NIck? How good is the app? Does it do streaming services like TIDAL or is it just internet radio and streaming from NAS?


It’s a Lumin D1 Olan. The sound quality is extremely good. SQ is pretty much what Lumin are about. Sounds great straight into an amp, even better through the Meitner though obviously. You can stream Tidal and Quobuz but no Spotify due to it not being high res yet which is a bit of a shame although you can stream Spotify via Airplay through the Lumin. The app is good on IOS but crap with Android. I have a Bluesound node too. The Lumin has far superior SQ but the Bluesound gives you access to pretty much every streaming service. I think there is even some sort of Roon integration due soon if not already and it’s a quarter of the price.

Just to add that yes you can do internet radio through the D1 but that’s not something I have bothered with. I think you need to sign up to some 3rd party service though. If you want to know anything about the Lumin streamer ask on Audioshark. One of the designers posts there regularly in the Lumin section.


Cheers Nick. My Moon streamer won’t do Spotify, MQA or DSD so a change is on the cards. It seems that there are loads of companies, possibly including Lumin, announcing MQA or Roon etc upgrades at Munich. A new DAC is also on the list…


I had to google Lumin.

The front page says Roon is a go already.

But what caught my eye was this:

Going to have to check that out at Munich. Cheers guys.


The blurb on the web site says it’s a Spotify connect device, so it’ll just appear in your app like a lot of other things. Sorted :thumbsup:


Spotify does not appear in the app as far as I am aware but I can play Spotify on my iPad and select the Lumin as an output device using AirPlay. I think that’s what they mean by a ‘connect device’ I’m probably quite out of date with what is going on as I pretty much just play my ripped CDs and stream Tidal.


No, in the Spotify app, or desktop application. It will appear as a “Connect to a device”.

A couple of releases ago all Sonos boxes became Spotify Connect devices - the app(s) go and have a sniff on the network and play to anything Spotify Connect.

I’m guessing your Lumin will appear the same


That’s handy. I haven’t used Spotify for ages. Will have to have a look :thumbsup:


A few new bits;

Eximus DP1 Dac/Pre, Densen DM30 Power amp and Harbeth P3ESR speakers.

After all the trials and tribulations of the last week I’m glad to say with the Eximus in the system there is absolutely no humm and no hiss, but it’s definitely not as ‘nice’ sounding as the Trafomatic/Calyx combo. :weary:


Don’t worry Paul. It’ll be replaced in a week or so :wink:


At least all the rotating cast of amps will sound the same through your Harbeth speakers…


I can think of someone who would say that that means the speakers are doing a good job, since all the amps are in fact the same … :slight_smile:.



Yes but he trolls over there and not over here :thumbsup:


Rather like these. Prob off to be correctly re-tipped.


Not jealous at all.

My PT has now been Anniversaried with the motor now on the Subchassis and a new top plate, so that I can keep the original black acrylic one intact, for reversing the mod in the future if required.


Nice one Mike.

Also had one of these re-built.


Looks like salvage out of the skip. I’ll relieve you of the shameful item to save embarrassment :wink: