Slaughterman SOS - Another car thread




My life, eyes and ego hurt.



Avoid anything french or german out of warranty.
Koreans are good and if in warranty are great, interior quality is not the best though if you have fists of ham.
Japanese petrols /hybrids are where it’s at if you want reliability, toyota avensis estate hybrid or a prius+ would be my first choices if they are in budget.
If you don;t mind the SUV-ness then a lexus RX400h might do the job but they only get low to mid 30’s mpg unless you drive like an alzheimers patient.
Avoid nissan as they have been infected by renault.
Avoid japanese diesels as they are shit.
Subaru are reliable but drink like george best on a bad day.
Ford and vauxhall I suppose if you must but I’ve heard horror stories about both and vauxhalls are now french so I’d avoid.
Volvo have some issues but seem solid if you don;t get a high stressed diesel.
Mazda are ok but again avoid the diesels unless you like smoke and bangs.


Wow, it’s not like there’s any over generalising on t’interwebs :roll_eyes:


I must admit the internetz has baffled my singular brain cell quite completely. Top budget now 18K will this bring the cream to the surface of this swamp?


This is the only thing you really need to know when buying a car. My wife insisted on a Poo-geot when she last bought a car which is ok because at least we avoided a Shitroen.



18 grand? The world’s your oyster.




Blimey, you could buy loads of previously enjoyed Maxda RX-8’s for that :slight_smile:


In Summary (whilst reaching wig overstretch)

German & French cars are shit
Japanese Diesel cars are shit
Korean cars look and feel shit
Ford and Vauhall (Excluding Astras) are shit

Having read most which / top 10 / blah blah sites I’m confronted with the joy of befuddlement. This is nothing new and often serves as a nice precursor to a nap.

I am looking for a car which doesn’t repeatedly fuck up, is comfortable, is reliable with 25K+ miles a year, and has enough space for me to pile in lots of big things (Tannoys etc)
The decline in variety of estate cars due to the rise of (Tanks) SUV’s narrows the field but in combination with the above summation makes me need a nap.
I am loathed to purchase another Bavarian Motor Wank 320d based on my previous explosive experiences which led me to spend over a x4 year period 11K fixing a 5K car… Yes I am this dim


Toyota. Fucking. Land. Cruiser Not diesel. And be done with it


Reach for the stars, ford galaxy

Plenty of room for tannoys and new loin fruits kit and kaboodle as well as old loin fruit

Its not a looker buts its practical, thats the space your in now mr mws… To be cool is a fool


A passionate suggestion, I’ve had a gander. They seem excellent for agriculture / breaching the walls of prison / 4x4 moon landings etc. Sadly I rarely have use for such facilities - Middle age is dull.


And they come with a practical jack


Think A team bus for familys


Isn’t the (rather dull) answer to this a Merc E class or are they rubbish nowadays?


They are excellent for middle aged spread men like me. Not fast - a bit like driving a sofa really. But practical in the sense that you can load a reasonably sized elephant in the back while towing a small island. Keep to 50mph and you’ll get reasonable mpg; anything over 50 and you’ll need the tow bar for the tanker


I like the E Class, if i was richer and braver (car repair bills scare me) it would be my choice for motorway driving.

The taxi company we have an account with for airport runs use them, 30+ in the fleet. They all seem to have mega mileage 150k plus and they’re all rattle free quiet and comfortable.

The drivers say they are ex company cars purchased when 2 to 3 yrs old and generally they’re very reliable as long as serviced properly, some buy them for their family once they’re due for replacement.

They will not buy Audi or BMW to run as a taxi.




Tannoys would fit perfectly in that :grin: