Slaughterman SOS - Another car thread


Yeah, but it wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding - the current 320d is the perfect blend of performance and economy. :ok_hand:


Not unless you are sticking to 603s or R1s.


And a lot more money.


And exploding engines once out of warranty.


This. My colleague’s Mazda 6 diesel got through one new engine and two new turbochargers in 3 years, and was off the road for a total of 12 weeks. We have also had a few Passat TDI engines go bang on the company fleet.

20 years ago a 2.0 litre turbo diesel put out 90 bhp and lasted forever. Today BMW squeeze up to 230 bhp from a 2.0 litre 4, and outputs of 150-180 bhp are routine. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that they are less reliable!


I can only speak as I find. I’ve had a few beemer diesels with highish miles. I always buy 3-4 years old but also ensure the service history is perfect. My current one (F30) is 2012, with 82k on the clock. Previous one (E92) bought at 4 years old and 70k sold at 9 years old with 129k.

Never spent a penny other than routine servicing and consumables on any of them…


Actually, it does, just that they’re a different design. And peple have started having issues with them due to carbon build up in the mainfiolds (you get a swirl flap plausibility error code, I had it on my 330d). But at least they don’t fall off and kill the engine.


the response I got when trying to chat up an attractive programmer


ha … no had a look skoda yeti several times and read many owners postive thoughts . i like the visibility on rear , had a look at the new vauxhall crossland yesterday as it replaced the meriva . not brilliant visibilty but some might like it . bit expensive now as just come out .


looks great stu , hope you get a good price for it