Tales from the Ginnel


In the meantime the rippled sycamore progresses


What do you usually use as a finish Bob? Any brands you prefer? I’d like to try something other than brown paper :slight_smile:


I imagine he’s not going to say “Two coats of white gloss”.



That’s probably the problem though, it’s how it’s done not what you use, I suspect I could make anything look rubbish. Practice makes perfect though.


Shellac and plaster based sanding sealer to start with and then either:

  1. hand rubbed tung oil, takes a couple of months but gives a nice silky semi satin finish.

2 short oil varnish, cut back, buffed and polished with carnuba. Semi gloss

  1. half a dozen coats of varnish/tung mix (aka danish), cut back, buffed and then polished out with a good quality high gloss car polish.

Will probably go for the latter on this one to make the most of the ripple. Last one i did using method 2, *(shown below), will see how it looks with a higher gloss this time.




Oh. my. word.

That is a masterpiece Bob; surpasses even your high standards.


Beautiful work that man!!


Yep, that really is something else, beautiful in form, function and aesthetics.


Cheers fellas, the next one will be mine, mine I tell you :slight_smile:


Suddenly… have uncontrollable urge… to buy a 301… must resist :grimacing:


Thought this one was yours :confused:


Nup, the Sycamore one will be though. I fancied a white Garrard in a white plinth, it will certainly be one of a kind, if not to everyone’s taste.


True dat.


I think a white one with light wood will be excellent. Just the type of thing I like though most normally go for more contrast.


:astonished: Hubba, hubba, hubba!!! :astonished:


Best one yet, love the colour and shape.

Must feel great to create something that good :heart_eyes:


Outstanding work - almost makes me want to go and buy a Garrard.


I’m sure your competition onions are just as impressive Pete.:stuck_out_tongue:


Moving along with these two.