The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Got serious goosebumps this lunchtime.

Heard Elkie Brooks sing Pearls a Singer live on Rad 2 as was switching stations.

Not generally my scene, but she didn’t half give it some. Band were good too.


My kid sister has started getting into cross stitch and lace work. This is her latest template…

She is definitely her brother’s sister :smile:


Does she take orders ?

I’d love a clusterfuck table setting.



Here’s a photo of her in Australian Simply Crochet Magazine…


Crochet? In the abbatoir?



Always been a macrame man myself.

Knots… mmmmmmmmm


AA = Mumsnet 2 - with even bigger cunts.



I’d love to see that in the Australian Simply Cochet Magazine.

She has a best seller there.


I fixed an Yves Cochet head amp once. It was impressively low-noise IIRC.



Which I now own




No jacket required


While I am clearly sorry about his injury, this is clearly a win for music lovers everywhere, and London in particular. Reports that I may have shoved him down a flight of stairs are clearly fakenews, although my Phil Collins voodoo doll is currently knackered in an absolute coincidence





Might be changing cars as other halfs car on it;s last legs so she will have mine.

Dizzy heights of a zafira maybe.